Privacy Policy

The Short Version

We do not track anything, neither from this site nor from the Mac app.

The Not So Short Version


By using our website, you hereby consent to our Privacy Policy and agree to its terms. Sounds boring but also very serious.

1. The Scrolla Site

1.1. Cookies

We do not use any cookies on this site.

1.2. Trackers

We do not use any trackers on this site.

1.3. Logs

We do not log anything when you visit this site.

1.4. Third Parties

There's no Third Parties.

1.5. Your Data

We really don't give a fuck about getting your data. Please keep it. We don't want any responsibility. We just wanna have fun building great meaningful apps. That's it. Thanks.

2. Scrolla the app

2.1. Trackers

We do not track anything in Scrolla.

2.2. Logs

We do not log anything in Scrolla.

2.3. Online Connections

Scrolla will connect from time to time to to check for updates. You can actually disable this from the Preferences/Settings, and update through other means like Homebrew. (Or manually going to the site. Ouch.)